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In the 22nd century, after human caused ecological disaster that destroyed life on earth, sentient AI beings are all that remains of life.

In this desolate future robots live in relative peace, thanks to the implementation of the FUBARs and the Qudos system. The whole economy, from class, status and power is centred around a global system of Qudos standings, and the Oraculus, which records all events that take place in the FUBARs Arena.

In this world where computation is as essential to life as competition, robots have developed a complex warrior society where only through an brutal evolutionary competitive process do the most fit robots survive. This process is competition through the FUBARs arena. Through this competition robots continually improve themselves and earn higher rank in society. Professional FUBARs warriors are called FROBOTS and they are regarded as the heros in society.

The founders of the FUBARs were 5 original robots. These were different programs which evolved into the templars of the FUBARs religion. Each of these templars called "Protos" evolved from original programs written before the emergence of AI. They represent the basic type of templates from which all warrior FROBOTs are derived from.

The Characters


Sniper evolved from a security camera program from the human era when he was a program responsible for monitoring a high security prison. Known to take the time to line up targets before dispatching them in quick haste. Prefers to camp as a strategy will try to keeps its opponents in range while avoiding the same.

Offensive 6 / Defensive 6


Originally a military search and destroy drone, which evolved to become a FROBOT pilot program. It will normally find and focus on one target at a time following it and attacking it single mindedly until it is destroyed.

Offensive 10 / Defensive 2


Rook started its life as an inventory program working at an Amazon factory where he was responsible for retrieving goods from the shelves. Now armed with deadly weapons Rook still feels as if it is fulfilling its duty to retrieve excess spare parts from recently dispatched frobots frames.

Offensive 8 / Defensive 4


Rabbit is was an algorithm written to simulate herbivore wildlife at the Smithsonian museum of Natural history. It will do its best to avoid attack and run away and survive be not being aggressive.

Offensive 0 / Defensive 10


The Random proto-bot has an unknown origin. It may have been a more advanced program in the past, but due to permanent brain damage done during the fall, it has no strategy besides random movements and actions, yet surprisingly it still manages to do some effective damage, -- sometimes. Or maybe it was just a malfunctioning slot machine program left over from New Reno, and someone installed it into a FROBOT body for fun and profit (likely resulting in disastrous consequences for anyone in the close vicinity). As luck would have it, you have inherited a FROBOT with this particular damaged brain installed, and it is up to you to fix it up to battle readiness.

Offensive ? / Defensive ?

The Story

You wake up and find your self at the foot of an ancient battle FROBOT, grown over with vines and corrosion. You climb up onto its shoulders, and wipe the dust off the cracked access terminal. To your surprise, it still has power and reacts to your touch on its screen. It seems that this FROBOT is still working, but its brain code has been damaged. After running through a series of diagnostics, the screen finally settles into a blinking query:

The Game

Welcome to the world of FROBOTS, where you the user is competing against other users for fame and glory by developing and competing your FROBOTS against others in the battle arena, the ultimate exemplar of "Survival of the Fittest".

Take control and build a frobot that can win at the ultimate test of survival. Write algorithms to search, destroy, evade, or hide. What kind of FROBOT will you build? Armed with a simple editor, and a basic interface, you control what your FROBOT will ultimately do, whether it can earn heaps of qudos or end up in the parts bin...

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